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Orchid Arrangement 101 with Beverly Hills Orchids
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 4/24/2018
Orchid arrangement 101 - You can make a beautiful orchid arrangement at your home very easy and affordable.

Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 2/2/2017


That period of the year is here again; the period of the year dedicated to showing love and care to everyone around you -families, friends, and that special someone. Besides anniversaries, there is no other month that is as special as February for lovers. Lovers enjoy the month of February because it has a special day dedicated to them; the 14th, which is Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day, or as popularly called, Val's Day, is the time when lovers exchange love cards, chocolates, get love gifts such as teddy bears, and of course, flowers, in order to show their appreciation of their other’s existence in their lives. Traditionally, red roses are a well-loved symbol used to display love and affection on this day. But then, they have become way too popular; everybody buys their significant other roses. Now, the truth is you can make Valentine's Day unique by sending your sweetheart a unique type of flower known as orchids.

Valentine's Day orchids are highly sensual, delicate, and beautifully stunning. Sending these delivery flowers in Beverly Hills to your loved ones will depict a definite message of romantic desire, even more than the traditional roses. As a matter of fact, there is no other flower that can match the alluring power of these beauties known as orchids.

Delivery Flowers in Los angeles
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 1/17/2017


Flowers are one of the best things in this world, and you actually don't need a special occasion before you can send flowers to the people you love. From Valentine's Day to Mother's day, Christmas or Grandparents Day, anything, any day, flowers are simply amazing picks as gifts.

While you may find people who claim that flowers aren't that important, and they just wither and die, flowers have actually been a symbol of love, care and affection for a very long time. No one can deny the role these beautiful creations play in our daily lives, and how important flowers are. Everyone cares some way, somehow.

Besides showing love to other people, flowers are also one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to add happiness and beauty into our lives. Whether you are buying it for yourself or for someone else, sending and receiving flowers is one thing that we should all be a part of.

Now that Valentine's Day is around the corner, sending your loved ones flower is one of the perfect ideas you can come up with. This is because flowers add excitement, and for those that are in a romantic relationship, creates a mood of romance on this unique day. All around the world today, the delivery of flowers have become super easy; all you need to do is click on your mouse and you can have these beauties delivered to your loved ones in little or no time. Finding a flower delivery service is quite easy, and if you are staying in the Los Angeles area, then you are in for a treat as Beverly Hill Orchids is one of the best flower delivery services in Los Angeles.

A lot of flowers are sent and received on Valentine's Day to the extent that their prices become quite high. Most times, those that make last minutes requests to send flowers to their Valentines will find out that they have little to select from. You can avoid all of this rush, extra cost, and lack of choices, all you have to do is place an early order for your flowers.

A lot of people prefer sending roses for Valentine's. Do not be afraid to step out of the box and try something new this year. There are many flowers you can choose from and one range that is awesomely perfect for Valentine's is the orchids. Orchids are nothing short of perfect when it comes to presenting your loved ones with gifts. This is because they are;

Posted by Patrese on 7/12/2016


One of the reasons why you buy orchids is to enjoy their spectacular beauty in your home but then again, if you buy really beautiful orchids and don't know how to take care of them and arrange them well, you'll end up ruining the orchids and still have no orchid beautification in your home.

So in this article, you'll get a quick rundown of how to take care of your orchids and how to arrange them properly so that you get the most out of your orchids.

All about Phalaenopsis orchids
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 6/28/2016


Also known as Moth orchids or Phal, the Phalaenopsis orchids are beautiful and exotic plants that are very easy to care for. They come in different colors and sizes, given the fact that there are 60 species of them in the world. They can be mottled, spotted, striped, plain, blotched or a combination, it all depends on the family they come from.

Phalaenopsis orchids generate between the leaves arching spikes with one to many flowers as repeatedly as three times a year; this makes them one of the most rewarding plants for home growers. These beautiful orchids love shaded areas and raises on branches or on rocks where the air moist and warm.

Enjoy Orchids Year Round
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 6/13/2015

Orchids can bring a wealth of class and color to any setting.  Drab offices and rooms can instantly be brought to life with a few bright and gorgeous orchids. There are many orchid species that can be grown in the home so that the vibrancy and fragrance can be enjoyed year round.

5 Top Health Benefits of Orchids
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 6/4/2015

Did you know that orchids are not just good for aesthetic purposes? This type of flowers is beautiful in many ways and can benefit even your health and wellness.

For many years now, different scientists, herbalists, and researchers have been studying orchids and discovering the many medicinal uses they have. Because there are tons of orchid species, a new discovery pops up every now and then.

Well, you'll be surprised to know that orchids are actually contributors in traditional Chinese medicine, popular for providing herbal treatments for various illnesses and health-related conditions.

Getting Moth Orchids to Rebloom
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchid on 6/2/2015
One thing that makes Phals favourite houseplants is their their eye-catching blooms, which range in color from whites to mesmerizingly beautiful spotted harlequins. Because their inflorescence are a head turner, many orchid enthusiasts have since learned how to cajole Phals to bloom longer.
Cymbidium Orchids: How to Take Care of Them
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 5/18/2015

Among the numerous species of orchids in the world, one of the most favorite and most popular is the cymbidium type. This is because cymbidium orchids, which are also known as "boat orchids", are not just very pretty but also flourish well in dry and cool conditions. Since they are more tolerant of cold weather, you're bound to see them in abundant beauty even in the midst of winter.

What's more, these orchids are also quite easy to grow and cultivate. You'll find them with large sprays of blossoms that are known to last longer than others--- about 8 to 10 weeks. The flowers also come in a wide variety of colors.

Growing Orchids Outdoors
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 4/30/2015
Certain species of orchids can flourish outside, but only under some very specific conditions. Orchids need a mild, Mediterranean climate in order to subsist in the outdoors. This doesn’t mean that the only way they’ll grow outside is if they’re in the Mediterranean, just that the conditions they’re in need to mimic that particular climate.

 Orchid Arrangement 101 with Beverly Hills Orchids
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