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Discovering Popular Orchid Types
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 10/28/2014

Orchid fanatics, even those who have been growing these beautiful flowers for quite some time now, are still not familiar with the different types of orchids that are often seen in flower shops and gardens. If you're one of those curious to learn more about such exquisite flowers, here's a rundown of the most popular types that can decorate your own home and make you feel good as well as bring a smile to an orchid lover's face.

Growing Phalaenopsis Orchids Your Best Antidote to Boredom and Depression
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 10/22/2014
According to the American Orchid Society, Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the easiest breeds to grow at home, with only a few requirements to follow but with months of blooms to remind the gardener that her efforts have paid off. This is what makes phals better suited for those dealing with depression, especially the kind that does not easily go away.
7 Tips to Help You Come Up with a Great Orchid Arrangement
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 10/12/2014

Planning to come up with your very own orchid arrangement to display at home or perhaps give as a gift? Now that's certainly a great choice of flower! After all, orchids exude amazing beauty, style, and elegance.

If you absolutely have no idea about how to put together such an arrangement, here are 7 helpful tips to guide you:

 Orchid Arrangement 101 with Beverly Hills Orchids
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