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Enjoy Orchids Year Round
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 6/13/2015

Orchids can bring a wealth of class and color to any setting.  Drab offices and rooms can instantly be brought to life with a few bright and gorgeous orchids. There are many orchid species that can be grown in the home so that the vibrancy and fragrance can be enjoyed year round.

5 Top Health Benefits of Orchids
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 6/4/2015

Did you know that orchids are not just good for aesthetic purposes? This type of flowers is beautiful in many ways and can benefit even your health and wellness.

For many years now, different scientists, herbalists, and researchers have been studying orchids and discovering the many medicinal uses they have. Because there are tons of orchid species, a new discovery pops up every now and then.

Well, you'll be surprised to know that orchids are actually contributors in traditional Chinese medicine, popular for providing herbal treatments for various illnesses and health-related conditions.

Getting Moth Orchids to Rebloom
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchid on 6/2/2015
One thing that makes Phals favourite houseplants is their their eye-catching blooms, which range in color from whites to mesmerizingly beautiful spotted harlequins. Because their inflorescence are a head turner, many orchid enthusiasts have since learned how to cajole Phals to bloom longer.

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