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Decorating WIth Orchids
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 9/25/2014
The entryway/foyer and living room are two of the most important spaces in your home. They are often the first impression your guests get when visiting your home. Your living room is the place where you relax with your family or housemates and entertain your guests. You may have done all the decorating you would ever wish to do, however there is one thing you can do to give any space in your home a truly fresh inspiration: by displaying lovely and exotic orchids.
Nero Wolfe And His Orchids
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 9/10/2014
 We don't know about you, but whenever we read a novel that has orchids - or a whole room of them - as a character, we take great interest. That is why we have been fans of the mystery author Rex Stout, who wrote more than 60 short stories and novels about detective Nero Wolfe over a 40-year period.
The Second Easiest Orchid to Grow in Your Home
Posted by Beverly Hills Orchids on 9/3/2014

We all know that the easiest orchid to grow in our homes is the Phalaenopsis. In fact, we wrote about just that a couple of blog posts back. However, we do not all know what the second easiest orchid to grow is, which is a real shame because we donít want to limit our orchid collection to those phals that are seemingly everywhere, even in your daughterís orthodontistís office.

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